Digital Copies, Restoration, Multi Copies

    This service is for personal as well as corporate accounts.  Anyone who needs a copy of an old photograph or who would like to have a damaged photograph restored to give as Christmas gifts will be pleased with our service. If you are afraid of taking your old photographs to K-mart or Wal-Mart because of the possibility of losing or damaging the original, then you have come to the right place. Your photograph never leaves our studio.  As a matter of fact we photograph the original using a digital camera while you wait. You can take the original photograph with you when you leave.

    We then repair any damaged areas and color intensify faded photos on our computer to bring them back to life.  Once this process is finished I will print a new photograph using my 200 year archival printer to any size you like up to 24 inches.

    At MCP the person who takes your order is the same person who photographs the original and prints the final image. The benefit of this is that there are fewer possibilities for mistakes in your order and  the person doing the copy work can discuss with you the best way to handle your job to insure we get the sharpest image without harming the original.

    (This service includes permanent storage of all digital copies to CD-Rom.)

    Price for this Service

Digital Copy of the original....$25.00ea.
(volume discount available for orders having several digital copies)

Print Prices:
1st Print Price                2-20 Print Price

Computer Restoration:
    Billed at $100.00 per hour.

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