Large Groups, Summer Camps,
Class Reunions


    This is an area of commercial photography that isn't really considered commercial.  The reason is because of the number of multiple copies made from the same negative. Because of this, the price structure per print is cheaper and the hourly rate and film cost do not apply.  All of these expenses are covered in the price of each print. Usually with this type of service, a guaranteed minimum number of print sales will be established prior to the shoot.
    Large groups of people take on a different challenge to accurately record an image on film that is incredibly sharp from the front row all the way to the back.  I use a 4x5 camera (the same camera I use on my commercial jobs) to achieve this amazing result.  These groups can range from as small as 25 people to as large as 1400.  Click on the image on this page. I took a close-up scan of this large group so you can see just how clear it is in the back row.  If you like what you see in my ability to photograph large groups, please give me a call to schedule your next class reunion, family reunion or any kind of large group that you would like to remember by a photograph. I shoot summer camps for Christ in Youth, Institute (a United Methodist Church group for the Kansas East Conference), Boy Scouts of America and many class reunions for Bonner Springs High School.

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