What is a Commercial Photographer?

    The designation of "commercial photographer" denotes that the photographer's main source of income is generated from taking photographs for companies or corporations or any person desiring to advertise a product or a service.

    It doesn't mean, however, that we have to stick completely to this area.  Some of us have decided that there is more to photography than resting in the realm of the corporate arena.  I have chosen to make the corporate world my main staple while also branching into the areas of large group photography, black & white processing, computer montage, family Christmas cards and  wedding anniversary invitations.  The cards and invitations are personal designs and you will never see another greeting card or invitation like it.  Each one is an original.

    One of the main questions directed to the commercial photographer concerns price.  Why are commercial photographers' prices considerably higher than those of a portrait or wedding photographers?  As a commercial photographer my photographs are selling a particular  product or service. The number of photographs to accomplish this goal is usually "one"; sometimes maybe two or three, if different angles are needed.  Now, compare this to the number of photos taken during an average wedding. A wedding or a great portrait setting has the potential to reach several multiple sets of reorders.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a portrait photographer can charge less up front for their time and make up income from quantity picture sales.  Rarely does this happen with the commercial photographer. In commercial photography, capturing a really cool shot may take hours to plan, design and sometimes build special props before the assignment ever begins.  With this as a basis, understand that creativity has a price.

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